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Asphalt8 Traffic Pack ATS 1.33 edit by Cip Following the update of TDU pack, I share with you another traffic pack with great cars that suits very well to ETS2 and ATS. this pack was edited by me (last upload was for 1.27!!!) PMG files have been converted, defined traffic spawn rules and imported drivers by jazzycat (credited)

in the same structure as for TDU, I split this pack in 2 parts, in the first link you can find the main mod compatible with any other traffic pack

the mod addon includes personalized sounds and also colors for all cars, tweaked speeds, as well as modified traffic files for full compatibility with my traffic density mod (sport cars are separate types of vehicles with individual spawn rules)
the addon must be placed above the main mod.

important! if you don’t use my traffic density mod, you need to remove from the addon the 2 sii storage files from the folder def/vehicle. if you don’t remove these files you will no longer have in your game sport cars

this pack is identic with the ETS2 version (no need to download twice)

Link 1 Traffic Pack: https://modsbase.com/x9rhjj1owbfp/Asphalt8_traffic_pack_1.33_edit_by_Cip.scs.html
Link 2 Sound: https://modsbase.com/ii6zkbqekcxu/Sounds_for_Asphalt8_traffic_pack_1.33.scs.html


Modell: Cipinho, alkonavt96, Jazzycat
Textur: Cipinho, alkonavt96, Jazzycat
Script: Cipinho, alkonavt96, Jazzycat
Idee / Konzept: Cipinho, alkonavt96, Jazzycat
Tester: Cipinho, alkonavt96, Jazzycat
Sonstige: Cipinho, alkonavt96, Jazzycat


  • 10 Jan 02:37
    Version 1.0


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    by mods80
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10.01 2019
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V 1.0
American Truck Simulator
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