FORD LTL9000 [1.6.x]

V 1.6 mod for American Truck Simulator

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I found this truck and in all places Youtube .... LOL
So I Took and started to do some fixes and add more to it.
Its a nice truck but still needs work.
The truck is by jhonnparra.
And the fixes and updates so far by BrianC

Here is a link for the truck. It needs work and i am just starting on it.
And i will update the truck link as i get the fixes done.
Their will be a template for the truck, for anyone who wants to skin it.

tested 1.6


Modell: BrianC
Textur: BrianC
Script: BrianC
Idee / Konzept: BrianC
Tester: BrianC
Sonstige: BrianC


  • 03 Apr 22:01
    Version 1.6


  • 817618
    by mods80
    ago over 1 year
  • 817617
    by mods80
    ago over 1 year


03.04 2017
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V 1.6
American Truck Simulator
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