MACK ANTHEM 2018 V1.2.1 LITE 1.35.X

V 1.2.2 mod for American Truck Simulator

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Light version for the average system.
Improve volume.
Optimize texture.
Fix a frame loss for normal pc.
author: scs, franck_peru, yekko_yek, Harven


Modell: franck_peru, yekko_yek, Harven
Textur: franck_peru, yekko_yek, Harven
Script: franck_peru, yekko_yek, Harven
Idee / Konzept: franck_peru, yekko_yek, Harven
Tester: franck_peru, yekko_yek, Harven
Sonstige: franck_peru, yekko_yek, Harven


  • 14 Sep 21:55
    Version 1.2.2

    Mack Anthem 2018 + Interior (Lite Edition) v1.2.2 (1.35.x)

    - independent truck model
    - High quality 3D model
    - High quality detailed exterior
    - High quality detailed interior
    - the model has own interior
    - the model has own wheels
    - the model has own sound
    - present the illumination of arrow speedometer and tachometer
    - animation parts on interior
    - the character is correctly sitting in the driver's seat
    - the choice of chassis configuration- the choice of power engine
    - the choice of transmission, gearbox- the choice of wheels and rims configuration
    - the choice of color body color / metallic paint
    - correct position of the Mack logo
    - Working headlights, brake lights, tail lights, front and rear turn signals, steering wheel and reverse signals
    - The correct position of the player
    - Tuning and accesories present
    – interior accesories support
    - cables support
    - Supports all major functions of the game
    - buy from Volvo dealer

    Update Version 1.2.2:
    Changed the file size: mack_anthem_v1.2.scs
    Now its size is several times smaller than the original.
    Added a truck to the traffic.
    Now everything is in one fashion.

    Changes in Lite Edition for Mack Anthem:
    Light version for the average system.
    Improve volume.
    Optimize texture.
    Fix a frame loss for normal pc.

    Tested on game version 1.35.x

  • 11 Jul 01:50
    Version 1.2.1




11.07 2019
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V 1.2.2
American Truck Simulator
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V 1.2.1
American Truck Simulator
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