New Piva Weather Mod v1.4 (07-04-2020) [1.36.x]

V 1.4 (07-04-2020) mod for American Truck Simulator

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* fixed definitions to work properly with 1.36 1.37 and OB.
* converted all textures to DX11 and all works great on 1.36 and 1.37 OB.

Graphics mod + Reshade presest:
Recommended for those who use SweetFX / Reshade but the mod works without them.
- This mod changes the weather in the game
- Improved lighting and effects
- Adjusted brightness and color reproduction
- Redone the texture of the night sky;
- Fixed colors, brightness, for new lighting environments.
- Fixed morning fog, so the mountains in the morning are not so dark.
- Adjusted the brightness of the texture of the sky.



Modell: Catalin V. Piva
Textur: Catalin V. Piva
Script: Catalin V. Piva
Idee / Konzept: Catalin V. Piva
Tester: Catalin V. Piva
Sonstige: Catalin V. Piva


  • 08 Apr 00:27
    Version 1.4 (07-04-2020)


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    by mods80
    ago about 1 month
  • 931471
    by mods80
    ago about 1 month


08.04 2020
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V 1.4 (07-04-2020)
American Truck Simulator
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08. April 61

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