Improved Trains

V 3.2 mod for American Truck Simulator

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This Mod adding in game a More realistic American Trains based by PIVA, AlexeyP. 

With improved Train Sounds by TruckerKid and Drive Safely 

+ my Exclusive content. 


Added additional Locomotive sections for all trains type (up to 5 locomotives).

All 3D models are taken from the original game and redesigned for the mod.

Added sounds for trains from the Sound Fixes Pack and Improved Train Sounds

All passenger trains added a reverse section locomotive.

The length of the trains has been increased up to 80 cars for the freght trains and up to 14 cars for the passenger trains.

increased: weight of locomotives, maximum speed limit and stopping distance for the all trains.


Changes in version 3.2 for ATS (v1.35x):


Now freight trains do not stop there and do not block the next crossings.

Max speed limit of freight trains is 90 KM / h. Passenger trains 150 KM / h. (NOT MILES!)

Completely redone 3D models.

All 3D models have LODs added to reduce graphical load and FPS drawdown.

Now even more options for a locomotive couplers.

Cars groups are more random from 2 to 8 or more.

For locomotive EMD-SD40 and some train cars added skins with real companies logo.

Returned TruckerKid sounds for MOVER trains.

General mod optimization.



3D modelling: SCS, PIVA, AlexeyP, POWE®FULL. 

Sounds: TruckerKid, Drive Safely.  

Compilation: POWE®FULL

Skins: PIVA, Grimes, Eddie Yantz.

I'M VERY THANKFUL OF THE AUTHORS for all these materials!


Please activate this mod above any Sounds and Traffic Density mods in mods manager.


Download Addon for Short Trains(up to 40 cars) light version for improve FPS


Download Addon for Long Trains(up to 150 cars) Very heavy and greatly reduce the FPS.


Please activate one of this addons above the main mod.

Do not try to use the addons without the main mod.



This mod put above any other mods affect trains, except graphic mods changing the skins or appearance of trains.

i'm recommended to use this mod together with Traffic Density and Ratio mod by Cip, Sound Fixed Pack mod by Drive Safely and Realistic Vehicle Llights mod by Frkn64 (last mod can put above my trains)

My mod not compatible with any other Trains mods!

Mod does not support game versions, older than (1.35x).

The presence or absence of any DLC does not affect the mod.

When testing in ATS (1.35) together with proven mods, log was clear, without errors.

It should not conflict with mods that do not affect trains, since it affects only trains and nothing but them.

With this mod Always keep parameter "g_traffic" to "1.0" 

( i'll not provide the support if your "g_traffic" value  is increased by more than "1.0" )


Enjoy it and Have Fun!


Mod are dree for distribution bit Please always keep the original author links!


Model: SCS, POWE®FULL™, PIVA, AlexeyP
Texture: SCS, PIVA, Grimes
Idea / Concept: PIVA
Testing: POWE®FULL™
Other: Sounds: TruckerKid, Drive Safely


  • 23 Aug 11:35
    Version 3.2



23.08 2019
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V 3.2
American Truck Simulator
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